Pastor Killingsworth is currently employed as the I.T. Officer with a local financial institution. Tracie Killingsworth is an elementary school teacher, certified in General Education - Early Childhood through 4th grade, Special Education – Early Childhood through 12th grade, English Language Arts – 4th grade through 8th grade, and English as a Second Language – Early Childhood through 12th grade.

Pastor Killingsworth is effectively able to communicate complicated concepts in an understandable manner, matching the message to the audience, and is a revivalist with a firm belief in the tremendous tool of Home Bible Studies and Discipleship as the key factors to successful church growth.

Pastor and Sister Killingsworth are believers in the Apostolic Doctrine and practice Holiness in their lifestyle. The Killingsworths believe strongly in sacrifice and in giving to God our all, as it is His to begin with, and that He will bless the gift and return it, again, and have come to know that holding on to the legacy of yesterday’s truths allows the church of today to see the way of revival for tomorrow more clearly.